So I know it has been about a million years since I’ve last posted, but in all fairness, I did warn y’all I was not reliable. And also, I moved across the world, my computer broke, and I haven’t stayed at home long enough to locate my ancient computer, set it up, reset my blog password because let’s be honest, I forgot it, and write a post. BUT! Alas, I finally have time. Which I seem to be wasting on this unnecessary and incessant babble. So, moving on. I have moved back to Ontario, Canada. Apparently I have decided in this brain of mine that the middle of nowhere in Ontario was a better fit for me than Paris, France. Don’t ask me how I got to that conclusion because I won’t be able to justify it. But here we are.

I left Paris on November 3rd and since then I have been enjoying these kid-free days in the best of ways. I had a wedding for an old boss of mine two days after I got back, which was absolutely beautiful and amazing. I have visited friends whom I haven’t seen since I left for Paris a year ago. And I have played A LOT of catch with my dog, Mozzie. (Yes, she was named after Mozzie in White Collar. I liked the name.) I seem to be settling into a nice rhythm over here, I have actually been waking up EVERY DAY at 7.30 in the morning. Without an alarm… *every person I’ve ever met gasps in unison* That’s right. I have finally stepped completely over into adulthood and started to get up in the morning AND eat breakfast. I know. I don’t even know who I am anymore. Turns out tho, these morning people were on to something. By waking up at that time, I have been able to do so much in a day… it has actually shocked me on more than one occasion the amount of things I have been able to accomplish in one day… nay, in one MORNING.

All in all, I haven’t regretted leaving France. Yet. So that’s good. I start working a brand new job, in a new field for me, on Monday. I am excited and very nervous. But I think it will be ok! Anyways, I just wanted to update all you who care, on my life 🙂 I promise to pick up a book soon and get back to my reviewing. Pinky promise.


PS. Doesn’t Windsor look just absolutely beautiful? -_-