Did you miss me??

So it’s only been, like what, 9 months???

I sincerely apologize for the long sabbatical. Doubtful many of you actually noticed, but I’m pretending I have a following, play along for me, will ya?

Things might get a little personal in this post. But that’s what blogging is all about, isn’t it?

The reason for my absence (if I’m really being honest there is more than one reason), has been that of one of heath. In January, I was diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease. Now, most of you may not know what that is. I don’t blame you, I myself didn’t know what it was until my doctor told me he suspected I might have it. So basically, it’s a build up of fluid in the inner ear (usually it affects only one ear) that causes tinnitus, hearing loss, vertigo spells and worst of all, drop attacks. I had learnt to deal with the tinnitus prior to the diagnosis, as I had had it for a year at this point.

  • What is tinnitus? It’s a constant ringing or buzzing sound in the ear. At times, making it really hard to fall asleep because that sound is all you can focus on. Click here for an example of tinnitus, mine would be number 9, sometimes number 8.

The vertigo spells where the worst I had dealt with, up until May. They would hit me at any time during the day, most of the time it happened when I was at work, and they would be so violent that I would be throwing up for hours. The longest was about 5 hours. The shortest, about 30 mins. But that was the odd one out, they averaged out to last a couple hours. This was the symptom that took me to the doctor. So I started medication and whatnot for it and it helped, thank goodness. Then one lovely May day, I was in the middle of a phone call at work, and all of the sudden everything in my vision went upside down and the next thing I know I’m screaming “Oh my God” and I’m on the ground. Someone sitting across from me yells “Call 911!”, I’m hyperventilating, I can’t catch my breath. I’m lying in the fetal position but someone is trying to pull my legs straight, I try and stop them by curling them back up again. I give up because they don’t stop. Someone else is practically sitting right on top of me, running their hand up and down my back. Three nurses are standing over me, trying to get me to breathe into a bag, trying to get me to sit up, to put my feet up… This goes on for a good 20-30 minutes. Then the ambulance comes and takes me to the hospital. As they’re rolling me out of the office on the stretcher, I tell my boss that I might have to call in sick for the afternoon. Because, what else are you supposed to do when people are literally standing on their desks to get a better view, than to make jokes on the way out. To make a long story, long, I was at the hospital for 6 hours and basically they said this was just a progression of my Meniere’s, something I had to deal with. Needless to say, if it were to happen again, an ambulance would not be necessary. It did happen again. Three times. Twice at work. Once while I was sleeping – because even in your sleep you can’t escape. They can happen at any time, any day. No matter what you’re doing. No warning.

So that’s my story, I’ve been dealing with that, among other things, trying to get my health under control. Now it seems like it might be, so maybe you can expect to hear more from me? I can’t make any promises because I am moving this week and training for a new role at work, so it might be a couple weeks until you hear from me again. One thing I will promise, it won’t be another 9 months.

Thank you for reading my “sob story”, I sincerely hope you’re able to forgive my absences, and stick with me until I’m back for good.