About Me

Welcome all you bibliophiles, coffeephiles, moviephiles and any other kind of philes out there, except for pedophiles. You are not welcome.

My name is Alex and I am a 25 year old girl who, admittedly, spends too much time watching TV and reading books. I decided to start a blog about said topics to justify the hours wasted behind screens and printed paper. Although, if I’m being frank, I don’t often think of those hours as wasted.

I also happen to be an Au Pair in the beautiful city of Paris. Or Sartrouville if we’re being technical, but have you ever heard of Sartrouville? No? Shame on you. Neither had I, and seeing as I am about a 10 minute train ride to Paris, I’m rounding up (?). But this blog isn’t going to be about that, I spend my days with kids, the last thing I want to do at the end of those days is to spend a couple hours on here telling you all about my day with the kids.

Let’s get back on track, we seem to be drifting.

I love coffee. I love books. I love TV. I don’t have a specific genre of anything that I like to stick to. I will read anything that has more than 3.5 stars rating on Goodreads and I will watch anything that I stumble upon while scrolling through Netflix. My friends are getting sick of my incessant prattle about what I’ve just read, and their list of my TV Shows To Watch is getting unrealistically long for someone with a life and normal job. SO I’m offering my services to you, whomever you may be. I am by no means an expert in any field, I might even make grammatical errors in my posts, for two reasons. One, the “r” on my keyboard likes to glitch and doesn’t always register that I’ve pressed it and I don’t always catch that it’s not there. Two… well, that’s pretty much the only reason. I actually hate grammatical errors.

Lastly, I welcome all comments, both praising and criticizing, suggestions, recommendations and anything else you want to throw my way. I am also the least reliable person when it comes to sitting down and writing habitually, so there may be weeks between posts. Just think, all that time I’m silent is probably, without a doubt actually, either binge watching Harry Potter, because I’m only watching it for the first time now, a season of some show, or reading 50 books in a week in order to make my pledged goal on Goodreads. So it will be time well spent.

Have a great day and happy reading.