The Good Wife


Given the amount of time between my last post and this one, I think you can deduce that summer vacation is over. Although, that deduction, while accurate, does not justify why I haven’t posted about anything I’ve read. Truth be told, I haven’t been reading. I could lie and say I don’t know why I haven’t been reading, but the reason is this: I couldn’t watch the shows I like while I was working with the kids at home during the summer, you know… the whole ‘viewer discretion is advised’ thing. So I resorted to reading. Well, now the kidlets are back at school and television has been reintroduced into  my life. More importantly though, I have discovered Stranger Things, The Blacklist, and most recently, The Good Wife.

Up until this point, though I planned on reviewing what I watched also, my posts have been about reading. Well get ready for some posts about what I’m watching, because honestly speaking, I can’t go through the drama that is The Good Wife, alone. So let’s get into it, shall we?? Continue reading