La Mante

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When you live in a Stranger Things world, it’s hard to find a show to compete. However, I think I can say, with confidence, I have found that show. Now, I usually don’t love the French shows on Netflix. I find them lacking a certain… je ne sais quoi. But then along comes La Mante, or The Mantis if you will, and I am so enthralled by it that not only do I watch the entire season in one day, I watch it TWICE in one day (don’t you judge me, I worked Saturday so I had today off).

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Synopsis as told by Netflix: Decades after her capture, a serial killer offers to help solve a string of copycat murders — but only if her son, now a cop, will work by her side.

This is the time when I am really grateful to have spent 2 years in France. The show is completely in French, and like proper Parisian French. Which I have to say is hella refreshing when I live in a French-Canadian area.

While the plot line doesn’t offer anything ‘new’ per say, the acting and the unexpected turns really help make this show unique. I really can’t put into words how much I recommend this show to all of you. Even if you don’t speak French, there are subtitles! It’s worth it. Trust me. Or don’t, but you’d be missing out.

There’s not much more I would like to say about the show, I don’t want to give too much away. Watch it. Then thank me.



The Good Wife


Given the amount of time between my last post and this one, I think you can deduce that summer vacation is over. Although, that deduction, while accurate, does not justify why I haven’t posted about anything I’ve read. Truth be told, I haven’t been reading. I could lie and say I don’t know why I haven’t been reading, but the reason is this: I couldn’t watch the shows I like while I was working with the kids at home during the summer, you know… the whole ‘viewer discretion is advised’ thing. So I resorted to reading. Well, now the kidlets are back at school and television has been reintroduced into  my life. More importantly though, I have discovered Stranger Things, The Blacklist, and most recently, The Good Wife.

Up until this point, though I planned on reviewing what I watched also, my posts have been about reading. Well get ready for some posts about what I’m watching, because honestly speaking, I can’t go through the drama that is The Good Wife, alone. So let’s get into it, shall we?? Continue reading